Developmental Speech Sounds

There’s a fine line between when a child’s speech sounds “cute” and when that child may need speech therapy. So many times people think their child’s speech is “adorable” and “funny”, will it still be “adorable” and “so cute” when that child is 9 years old or 12 years old? This is where Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) come in…. there are certain sounds children should be saying by certain ages and SLPs can be the objective party that your family may need to pull you from the cuteness to the reality.

A lot of people’s go to for answers these days tends to be Google…. To save some internet searching time check out these links and chart below: – GREAT RESOURCE!!

If your child is school aged and is presenting with misarticulated sounds it may not be as easy to “get them into speech” as a parent would think. Educate yourself with the sounds they should be able to say and when.

**** Please NOTE: /r/ sound may not be developed to age 6-8
What this means: Its OK if your child says “wabbit” and “wed” if they are itty bitty’s. Does that mean you can’t work on it with them until they are 6, of course not! The earlier the better….. just rest assure that if they are 3 years old and are saying “wock” for “rock” you don’t have to put them in speech immediately.

Get familiar with the resources in your area and utilize them…… Public schools are a great place to inquire about services if your child is 3 or older. Talk to your child’s pediatrician and inquire about services in your area.

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