Is Home Healthcare for You?

Aspire Medical Staffing  partners with home health agencies in Texas and throughout the country. With nearly 8 million Americans receiving some form of home or community care each year, the home health industry needs a variety of health care workers to keep their businesses running smoothly.

If you’re considering a job in home care, ask yourself the following questions–compliments of therapists with home health experience–to help determine if home healthcare is for you.



Do You Have Reliable Transportation?

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Home care professionals visit multiple locations (homes, skilled nursing facilities, day cares) each day, regardless of the weather conditions. Having a reliable vehicle is key in making sure the clients receive services. Once, while working for a home health agency, I had to drive through an intense hail storm in central Texas. I eventually hid out under an overpass in my SUV until the storm passed, but it was very scary! Agencies and clients alike understand when a medical professional has to reschedule or cancel due to extreme weather conditions or even a flat tire.

Are You an Independent Person?

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Autonomy is a big part of home healthcare. You will have consistent contact with caregivers and your clients in person, but you will mostly collaborate with co-workers and bosses via email and telephone. Those who require a good deal of supervision or struggle to self-motivate may find home healthcare difficult or isolating. Many companies–such as ASPIRE–offer shadowing sessions or mentors to help newcomers learn the ropes of home health visits and documentation. The best part about working for ASPIRE (if this is a fear for you!) is that both owners of ASPIRE are first and foremost therapists. ASPIRE has an excellent support system for therapists and are able to offer various tools for our therapists to connect with one another.

Are You Flexible?
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Many medical professionals love home health because of the flexible nature of the work. “I love making my own schedule! [Having] The flexibility to take my daughter to a doctor appointment or to take a day or 2 off without clearing it with management,” says one ASPIRE therapist. It is true, home healthcare allows the employee to work the hours he or she prefers, but it goes both ways. Clients also have their schedules to worry about, and sometimes coordinating a day and time that works for both the employee and the family can be tricky. But, as another ASPIRE employee says, “I LOVE working home health!!! It keeps my day interesting!”

Do You Want to Establish Relationships?

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The greatest rewards about a career in therapy or the medical field come directly from the clients themselves! Your clients and their family are inviting you into their home. You are getting to see more than most others do! With time a bond forms, and these families begin to trust you more than you can imagine.  One ASPIRE employee says, “I love the relationships I build with these families, some of them have become friends once discharged.”

So, Is Home Healthcare for You?


The only way to truly find out is to give it a try! Aspire Medical Staffing hires all our therapists PRN, allowing for you to pick up as many or as few clients as you would like–in the areas of the city you want to work in. With pediatric and adult programs, ASPIRE has the caseload for you! If you have never worked with clients in their homes, then ASPIRE would be happy to provide another professional for you to shadow and learn from!

If you would like to pick up some clients in your area, please call our Recruiting Director at (512) 621-4585 or reach out to us by completing an online application.

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