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Doing home health therapy you often find yourself lugging around bags and bags of material and toys/games for your patients to use. When the iPad came into my life I felt motivated to move away from being a bag lady and utilize my iPad as much as possible for therapy. This became a bit overwhelming as there are apps for anything and everything now a days. My thinking behind what apps would be most useful in my speech sessions was cost and patients motivation to participate. I began thinking that I could use game type apps as reinforces the same way I was when lugging in board games/electronic games/card games etc… and target language and articulation the same way I was before and let patient work for time on iPad. Some of the apps I have began using the most, patient’s are working on the language goals I’m targeting without even knowing it. By using the iPad for therapy I have found my patients to be highly motivated and willing to participate. So long hungry hungry hippo….. you’ve been replaced

Favorite Ariculation apps:

1) Little Bee Speech: http://littlebeespeech.com/

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing all the sounds sets as I wanted to see how much I liked the app before committing….. after purchasing indivual sounds I can highly recommend its worth buying ALL sounds at once. It is worth it and saves you money. Indiviual costs range from $.99 – $5.99. If you bite the bullet and get the Articulation Station Pro (all sounds purchased at once) You will pay $49.99 and save money….. why wouldn’t you. Let me warn you, if you are skeptical (like I was) and begin purchasing one sound at a time….. and then really enjoy it and want to purchase all sounds, you will not be credited for sound you have already purchased.

** If you are interested sign up for their emails, they send out 20% discount offers frequently!!

2) Spanish Artik: http://smartyearsapps.com/service/spanish-artik/

My bilingual SLP buddies have told me that they love this app…. I have not used it myself but have viewed it. The sound inventory is specialized for spanish speaking patients and not only can you use it for articulation but language as well. Cost is $19.99

Favorite Apps for Language:

Like I mentioned above, many of the apps I use for language are not “speech” specific, however I manipulate them to target my goals and patient’s stay motivated. Many of my patients are preschool aged so keep that in mind when viewing apps

1) Baby Bus: http://en.baby-bus.com/index.php?s=/Index/home

These are GREAT…. and even better FREE!!

I used these for all sorts of goals: Save the Fish- working on bilabial sounds (pop, pop), Animal paradise receptive/expressive common animal names and sounds, shapes, colors, matching, body parts, common social skills for activities. Because it’s free, you have nothing to lose except memory.

2) Smarty Ears Language Skills: http://smartyearsapps.com/language-skills/

This company has taken many language topics that we work on with children and made them fun for them while intuitive for us. Helps us keep track of the student’s correct/incorrect answers, scores and allows us to keep notes. They have all different apps available for age levels and target goals. This can be a bit pricey, but worth it.

There’s a few to get you started, sure there will be more to come….. Let us know of your favorite apps for therapy

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