It's a special kind of person who focuses on using their skills to serve other people. That's who we look for.

Aspire recruits, manages – and cares for – accomplished people who make real differences
in the world. Our team members support customers across the country in a wide range of positions.

Aspire Medical Contracting's current certifications include:

When you’re looking for exceptional people, you’ll find them at Aspire.

Healthcare Contracting

We partner with a wide range of health organizations to deliver outstanding patient care.

Government Contracting & Management

Aspire team members are united in support of our nation’s military and military families.

Gov. Support Services

Commissary staff members support our nation’s military bases and public properties. We fulfill a wide range of contracting needs.


We’re looking for exceptional people. Are you one?

We’re Aspire

As clinicians, we understand the critical relationships between medical professionals, their employers, and their patients. If caregivers are not cared for, ultimately they and their patients both suffer. Aspire was originally founded to provide medical contracting services with a unique focus on prioritizing the care of our employees.

Our approach is succeeding. Since 2011, we have accelerated our growth to serve clients nationwide. Today, we provide outstanding people who serve our clients in medical, commissary, and ancillary capacities across the U.S. armed services and in private-sector settings. Our management team personally works with each customer and each Aspire team to build strong, lasting relationships that optimize patient care.

Gilbert Perales, President

Lauren Lafayette, MA, CCC-SLP, ventured into the entrepreneur part of her life in 2011 with Aspire Medical Contracting. Her business partner, Gilbert Perales MOT/OTR, also a clinician; created a company with a foundation and culture of clinicians working with clinicians, for clinicians. Aspire’s business model has proven to be successful and with that she has found motivation to make a difference in the medical world through technology and innovation as well as contracting solutions for schools, agencies and medical facilities both commercially and for the Federal Government. Lauren strives to ensure that the services Aspire’s team provides to their customers are top notch. Efficiencies and communication are at the core of Lauren’s work ethic and leadership style. These two values are demonstrated to all customers to result in successful partnerships.

Lauren Lafayette, Vice President

Join Our Team

Join a team that’s as focused on caring for you as it is on helping our clients meet their goals. We look for credentialed, experienced professionals with character and commitment.

Founded by clinicians, Aspire’s management is hands-on. We’re directly involved with our team members and always available. We invest in the company, providing individual program managers, credential specialists, and Human Resources professionals to ensure that you have everything you need to meet the daily challenges in demanding healthcare settings. We go above and beyond to support you through unusual circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Join us. We’re looking for committed, outstanding people to help our customers succeed.”

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